Meeting Notices



April 8, 2019

     Mayor – Karen Hale   Secretary – Kristina Keyser-Mayton Alderman – Clay Godfrey

     Mayor Pro Tem – Kimberly Allphin   Alderman – Otis Greenwood Jr Alderman – Marilyn Bettes


Notice is hereby given that the Board of Aldermen of the City of Plantersville, Grimes County, Texas, will meet in regular session on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 7:00 pm in Plantersville Town Hall, 11335 Lodge Lane, Plantersville, Texas at which time the following subjects will be discussed and acted upon, to-wit:



Establish a quorum, call meeting to order. Invocation and Pledges

Approve minutes from regular meeting of March 11, 2019, March 18, 2019, March 25,2019 

Public Comments: Any citizen may address the Board of Aldermen on any matter related to the city. Please fill out the required form located on the kitchen counter and turn in to the Mayor by 6:55 PM. Please limit remarks to two minutes. The Board will receive the information, look into the matter, or place the issue on a future agenda.

Consider/approve payment of invoices and items currently due and payable

Constable Blake Jarvis Update on Plantersville 

Discuss/consider/approve actions/contracts required to conduct May 4, 2019 election of officers

Discuss/consider/approve actions to install the Board of Aldermen elected/re-elected on May 4, 2019

Discuss/consider/approve method of “drawing lots” to determine the 2 Aldermen who will serve the first 2 year terms along with the Mayor

Discuss/consider/approve Sales Tax collection/administration and processes to begin collection of sales tax and review of businesses expected to collect the sales tax which was implemented by the Texas Comptroller’s Office on April 1, 2019

Discuss/consider/approve: discuss statutory requirements and procedures, our priority of which ordinances to investigate within the bounds of our general law authority

Mayor/Alderman update/discussion. Items of community interest (Announcements concerning items of    

community interest for which no action will be discussed or taken.) 

a. Information about SH 105 E TxDOT Project 

b. Progress information about Dollar General

Enter into Executive Session/closed meeting, if needed. If, during the course of the meeting and discussion of any items  

covered by this notice, the Board determines that a Closed or Executive Session is required, then such closed meeting will be held as authorized by Texas Government Code, Chapter 551, Sections 551.071 -consultation with counsel on legal matters; 551.072 – deliberation regarding purchase, exchange, lease of real property; 551.073 – deliberation regarding a prospective gift; 551.074 – personnel matters regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee; 551.076 – implementation of security personnel or devices; 551.087 – deliberation regarding economic development negotiation; 551.089 deliberation regarding security devices or security audits; and/or other matters as authorized under the Texas Government Code. If a Closed or Executive session is held in accordance with the Texas Government Code as set out above, the Board will reconvene in Open Session in order to take action, if necessary, on the items addressed during Executive Session.

Return to open meeting; take action on items discussed in closed session (Section 551.102)


I, Karen Hale, Mayor, do hereby certify that a copy of this Agenda was posted on Plantersville Town Hall       

at 6:00 PM on April 4, 2019, in compliance with Chapter 551, Texas Government Code. 


Karen Hale, Mayor